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Social Studies Post 2

Inquiry Question What is the story of Sports: The Complete Visual Reference? Source This source is a reference book about sports, written and produced by Québec Amérique International in Montreal, Quebec. It was published in 2000 by Firefly Books. Context… Continue Reading →

Social Studies Post 1

Focusing our socials studies class on historical perspective, and the question, “How can we better understand the people of the past?” will ensure challenging, varied, and interesting classes. Understanding people of the past is a complicated process, involving a lot… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 5

In my meeting, my mentor and I had very effective communication with each other. Our conversations flowed very well and our discussion lasted much longer than previously planned. The amount of experience he was able to pass on to me… Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Chapter Summaries

For my ZIP project, I analyzed the book, A Game of Thrones, and season 1 of the TV show, Game of Thrones. As part of this process I summarized each chapter in the book and compared my summary to the scenes… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 3

My mentor has been very busy with work over the past few weeks. And, as such, we could not coordinate a full meeting between us. However, I did manage to connect with him for a short period of time and he… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Blog Response

Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is based solely on physical attraction and should not be considered love. In Romeo’s soliloquy in Act 2, Scene 2, Romeo says “Vestal livery is but sick and green […] cast it off” (87). This quote… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Intro Post

Statistics are an important part of all our lives. From controlling traffic lights to decrease the number of car crashes, to calculating payment for employees, statistics are used constantly in our lives. With the increasing use of technology, more statistics… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 3

Research Notes Chapters 1-10 I have developed these research notes after reading A Game of Thrones and watching Game of Thrones. They compare chapters in the book to scenes in the tv show with a short summary of each…. Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 2

I began the focus block of Friday, December 15, by finishing my reading of A Game of Thrones. Upon my completion of the book, I reread the first chapter, and wrote down a summary of the major events that occured…. Continue Reading →

360 Degrees of Leadership

The Influence Myth, when I get to the top, then I will learn how to lead, is just a myth for many reasons. Primarily, it assumes that one can make it to the top without knowing how to lead. It also… Continue Reading →

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