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Passchendaele Independent Investigation DOL

The Third Battle of Ypres, also known as the Battle of Passchendaele began on July 31, 1917, and ended on November 10, 1917. It was fought in the area to the east of the town of Ypres. The allied forces… Continue Reading →

Trudeau and Laurier: Academic Controversy Prep

  Similarities Differences Both Trudeau (NAFTA talks) and Laurier (Naval Services Act, Manitoba Schools Question, Alaskan Border Dispute) practice sunny ways, or persuasion through open negotiation. They approach situation with open minds and listen to all sides before making decisions…. Continue Reading →

Canadian Confederation DOL

Dear Mr. Joseph Howe, On behalf of the people of Nova Scotia, I am worried that your party does not represent the best course of action for our colony. Your anti-confederation party goes against the best interests of the citizens… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Final Post

For the most part, my in-depth project is coming along very well. I am currently on the second and third stages of my project. I have also begun preparing for my learning center. My mentor has consistently been able to… Continue Reading →

Canadian Biography Check-In

1. “Fame is […] not a Canadian experience” (5) This passage states that fame cannot be found within Canada. This is because Canada is not often held in the world’s spotlight. This shows that Canadians don’t value fame as much… Continue Reading →

John A. Macdonald: No Relation to Ronald – Mini Essay

In many places across Canada, statues of our nation’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, are in jeopardy. Macdonald was the driving force that lead to Canadian independence. However, because some of his actions, such as the creation of the… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 11

As a professor at SFU, my mentor can expose me to many learning opportunities. My mentor has access to programs, resources, strategies, and references. In my past few mentor meetings, my mentor has provided me with new methods and strategies… Continue Reading →

Canada: The Story of Us DOL

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was one of the most important battles of the Seven Years’ War. The Decisive Victory for the British gave them control of a key strategic stronghold, Quebec City, while also reducing the number… Continue Reading →

SS Document of Learning 1

The deaths of Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine and the ensuing trials and verdicts have affected each of the quadrants of Canadian identity. Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine, two young Indigenous Canadians, had both been found dead in separate incidents…. Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 7

In my past few mentor meetings, the most difficult challenge has been keeping conversations continuous and flowing. Our meetings have been slower-paced than I had originally hoped. This slower pace leads to less efficient meetings. A possible reason for these… Continue Reading →

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