Dear Mr. Joseph Howe,

On behalf of the people of Nova Scotia, I am worried that your party does not represent the best course of action for our colony. Your anti-confederation party goes against the best interests of the citizens that you are supposed to represent. I have written this letter in an attempt to ensure your support at the upcoming confederation conferences.

The economy of Nova Scotia isn’t weak, but it is small compared to that of the larger provinces of Canada West and Canada East. If we join the confederation, much of the  incoming and outgoing trade to and from Canada West and Canada East will be directed through Nova Scotian ports to be transported along the CPR. This will create jobs and increase the population of our port cities, increasing our economy and its stability.

As the American Civil War is coming to a close, the United States of America may soon continue to manifest destiny towards the most easily assailable territory. Our province of Nova Scotia is very near to the US, and our defense is very weak compared to their large army. Joining confederation would oblige the larger armies of Canada West and Canada East to protect us in the event of an assault from the south.

One of the supposed issues with joining the confederacy is the rep by pop system. Our population is much less than the populations of Canada West and Canada East. However, the population of the Maritime provinces is much greater than the difference between the populations of Canada West and Canada East. This means that a coalition with other Maritime provinces would allow us to make the final decision on issues that divide Canada West and Canada East.

With all this considered, it seems foolish to not join the confederation. I hope I can count on your support during these upcoming conferences.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Charles Tupper