For the most part, my in-depth project is coming along very well. I am currently on the second and third stages of my project. I have also begun preparing for my learning center. My mentor has consistently been able to provide valuable feedback and teaching to assist me with the project, and my previous experience with statistics has helped make this a smooth learning experience.

The second stage of my project, and the one that I am currently focusing on, involves data collection. I am collecting data from my baseball team’s scorebook and compiling it into a statistical table that represents the strengths and weaknesses of each of the players. This stage has already begun, and it will not end until just before I begin constructing my learning center.

The third and final stage of my project involves using a database to answer a question. I am using this database of NFL stats to rank every player’s single-season performance on a wins contributed scale. Like stage two, this stage has already begun, and will likely not end until just before I begin constructing my learning center.

Because my project is not complete, I do not yet have a perfect idea of what my learning center will look like. However, I will likely use either a tri-fold poster board or a similar display to show the results of each of the three stages of my project. When guests visit my station I will explain the process that went into each of the stages.