As a professor at SFU, my mentor can expose me to many learning opportunities. My mentor has access to programs, resources, strategies, and references. In my past few mentor meetings, my mentor has provided me with new methods and strategies to use when analyzing data. To reinforce new learning, my mentor can continue to expose me to these new methods and strategies. My mentor works with many other statisticians, many of whom work in different fields of statistics. If I ever wish to explore other topics in statistics, I could learn from these other statisticians. My mentor also has access to many programs and resources that I could use t accelerate my learning.

When I meet with my mentor, we begin by discussing my previous progress. We discuss any findings I have made, and I ask him any questions I have. After that, he looks over my work and gives me strategies to use in the future. At the end, we often have time to casually talk to each other. My mentor and I are learning a lot about each other personally. This personal connection makes our meetings more fluid and allows my mentor to explain concepts to me in more effective ways. As we near the end of the in-depth project, the learning process will continue to become easier due to the connection that my mentor and I build.