In my past few mentor meetings, the most difficult challenge has been keeping conversations continuous and flowing. Our meetings have been slower-paced than I had originally hoped. This slower pace leads to less efficient meetings. A possible reason for these slower-paced meetings is that my prepared notes are not thorough enough. By preparing more thorough notes, I can keep conversations flowing and on topic.

My mentor and I are doing a great job assessing my progress so far and determining the necessary steps to take to maximize the efficiency of the project. Each meeting, we dedicate some time towards analyzing the current situation and envision future steps that can be taken to increase the success of the project. This has allowed the beginning of my project to be very successful.

One thing that could be improved in this project is the communication between my mentor and I. In the early stages of this project, we struggled to coordinate meeting times and locations. However, in our most recent meeting, we opened up new avenues of communication such as text messaging. This should allow us to improve our communication and ultimately lead to more meetings.