Inquiry Question

What is the story of Sports: The Complete Visual Reference?


This source is a reference book about sports, written and produced by Québec Amérique International in Montreal, Quebec. It was published in 2000 by Firefly Books.


This book was published around the time of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This influenced the book by placing emphasis on inaugural sports in the Olympics such as triathlon, trap and skeet shooting, and women’s pole vault. When this book was published, Tiger Woods had recently become the youngest player to complete a Golf Grand Slam. This influenced the source by placing emphasis on golf.


This book contains a lot of information. It explains the history, rules, and strategy of over 125 sports. The book also explains training for each sport. A brief inscription inside the front cover of the book suggests that it was a 6th birthday gift to Carter from their grandparents.

Inferences about Perspective

The creator belonged to the group Québec Amérique International, a Québécois publishing house. The book was created as part of their series of family reference books. The audience of the source was people who were interested in learning more about sports. The book may have been influenced by the popular views of sport of the audience and the Québécois values of the publisher.

Inferences about Inquiry Question

From examining this source, I can learn about how it was created, and infer how others interacted with it. Examining this source does allow me to determine the story of the source. This examination extends my knowledge of this source. This source does not tell me about unrelated events that occured at the time of its creation. Some of my further questions about the source include, “how did Sports: The Complete Visual Reference affect public knowledge of sports?” and “how did the creation of Sports: The Complete Visual Reference affect the company that published it?”