In my meeting, my mentor and I had very effective communication with each other. Our conversations flowed very well and our discussion lasted much longer than previously planned. The amount of experience he was able to pass on to me was astounding. Our communication with each other was very effective, and we were each able to add our experiences and knowledge to the conversation.

Though my meeting was very successful, there were a few things that could have gone better.  My mentor and I could not coordinate a face to face meeting and were forced to conduct our meeting over the phone. Though this was a disadvantage, the early planning process involves mostly data collection, and he was able to direct me towards valuable resources to explore in the future.

My first project is very ambitious and involves a lot of concepts that are unfamiliar to me. The greatest challenge will be learning these new concepts. As I have little formal statistical teaching, my mentor may struggle to explain these new concepts to me. My understanding of these concepts will directly relate to the success of my first project.