My mentor has been very busy with work over the past few weeks. And, as such, we could not coordinate a full meeting between us. However, I did manage to connect with him forĀ a short period of time and he offered incredible insight into the field of statistics.

My mentor struggled with math as a child, but grew increasingly attracted to math, specifically statistics, as he grew up. He enjoys the process of taking a large dataset and finding patterns and solutions in it. In our discussion, he compared finding patterns in a dataset to detective work. That is one of the main reasons he enjoys statistics.

Even in our short interactions, I have learned a lot from my mentor. He has shown that people can continue to learn and change throughout their lives. He has shown me the value in studying and understanding statistics, and has confirmed the importance of my in-depth project. My mentor has shown me various strategies to effectively explain topics, including using anecdotes and using multiple points of view in explanations.

I am very excited to spend the next few months studying statistics. My mentor is a very good teacher, and I am looking forward to learning from him.