Statistics are an important part of all our lives. From controlling traffic lights to decrease the number of car crashes, to calculating payment for employees, statistics are used constantly in our lives. With the increasing use of technology, more statistics are collected now than ever before, and analyzing statistics is allowing us to predict trends and patterns farther and farther into the future. As these statistics become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to find people with the skills to work with, simplify, and manage them effectively. My main goal for this in-depth project is to learn about the application of different methods of statistical analysis.

Through my in-depth process, I will be completing three smaller projects. My first project will involve me analyzing the 68 teams in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. I will attempt to predict the outcomes of each game and enter a tournament with my predictions to test my success. This project will test my ability to make predictions based off statistics. My second project will involve me collecting data based on the performances of players on my and other minor baseball teams. This project will test my ability to collect data. My third, and final, project will involve me analyzing every NFL single-season performance and comparing them on a scale similar to wins above replacement. This final project will test my ability to analyze large and complex datasets

My mentor is a professor of Statistics in the Big Data Hub at SFU. He works alongside more than 20 other statisticians on many projects while also teaching a variety of classes at SFU. He has worked in statistics for many years and is a very effective teacher and mentor.

I am very excited to begin my second in-depth project. Statistical analysis is a skill that I have wanted to learn for quite a while now, and I am very happy to be able to pursue this skill in the coming months.