I began the focus block of Friday, December 15, by finishing my reading of A Game of Thrones. Upon my completion of the book, I reread the first chapter, and wrote down a summary of the major events that occured. My plan was to compare that summary to the equivalent of the first chapter in the TV series. In my summarizing of the first chapter, I almost instantly came across a problem. There were too many events to write a short summary about. My summary of the first chapter was over 50 words. I recognized that writing a 50 word summary for each of the 72 chapters was not going to be an efficient use of my time. I realized that the purpose of my project was to compare the message and themes portrayed by the book and the TV series. I decided that instead of summarizing the events of the chapters, I would summarize the themes portrayed by the chapters. I would write 1-2 sentences about the themes portrayed by each chapter of the book, and then write 1-2 sentences about the themes portrayed by the equivalent of each chapter in the TV series. That way, I can still achieve my goal of comparing the book the the TV without having to summarize 72 action-packed chapters. My goal for the next focus block is to summarize the themes of the first 24 chapters of the books. If I can complete my summary of the first third of the book during the focus block, I should be able to finish my summary of the entire book by the end of the week.