The Influence Myth, when I get to the top, then I will learn how to lead, is just a myth for many reasons. Primarily, it assumes that one can make it to the top without knowing how to lead. It also implies that knowing how to lead from the middle is not important, which is not true. The most effective way to combat this myth is to know that leading from the middle is important and to learn how to lead as early as possible. There are many ways I can do this, but one of the most effective is to attend seminars held by prominent leaders such as John Maxwell. By attending these seminars, I can expose myself to leadership ideas that I may have never considered. The people who speak at these seminars are well-respected leaders who have used these strategies in their careers, so I know their strategies are effective. Another way I can learn strategies to lead is by seeking out leaders in our community. Exposing myself to leaders in our community will allow me to learn about more specific and personal methods of leadership. These more personal strategies may not work for many leaders, but I may find one that works very well for me. Finally, the way to learn about leadership that is the easiest to integrate into my life is taking a leadership role in everyday scenarios. Taking a leadership role in normal scenarios in everyday life will allow me to experience leadership as often as possible and in real-world scenarios. Any strategies I learn throughout these experiences can be applied to many leadership scenarios that I may face in the future.