Inquiry Question:

How does adapting a narrative for television change its meaning?

Throughout the ZIP project, I will explore the changes in meaning between the book: A Game of Thrones, and Season 1 of the TV series, Game of Thrones. I will analyze these different forms of media in an attempt to understand the differences in meaning caused by the translation from written narrative to television series. There are a growing number of popular television shows, and I would like to be able to analyze their messages and meanings. By comparing shows to books with the same plotline, I will be able to decide which medium is most effective at conveying the message.

Though I have read many books, I have watched few television series, none of which have been based off books. I have never had a chance to compare a book with a television show, so I have no experience in this field. Although I have no experience in comparing television to books, I have a lot of experience analyzing books.

Some of the skills I hope to expand upon throughout this project are: analyzation of written narratives, analyzation of television shows, comparison of similar texts, analyzation of themes and messages in texts

I will likely approach others who have read A Game of Thrones and watched season one of Game of Thrones and ask them for their opinions on how the messages were portrayed. I will try to find people who watched the television show before the book, as I will be doing the opposite, to see how our opinions compare and contrast.

At the end of the project, I plan on presenting my learning with a powerpoint presentation. I would like to begin my presentation with a discussion of my findings about the portrayal of the message in written narrative and in the television show. I would then like to state my opinions about which medium was more effective at portraying the meaning of the story.

Tentative Schedule:

Day Task
Friday, Dec 8 Begin reading the book A Game of Thrones. Take notes on important messages, themes, and characters.
Monday, Dec 11 Synthesize my notes into my first blog post.
Monday, Dec 18 Finish the book. Review notes. Write final blog post. Begin watching season 1 of Game of Thrones.
Friday, Dec 22 Synthesize final notes on book and on show. Begin developing presentation.

Big Idea:

The exploration of text and story deepens our understanding of diverse, complex ideas about identity, others, and the world.

Curricular Competencies:

1. Apply appropriate strategies to comprehend written, oral, visual, and multimodal texts.

2. Recognize and appreciate how different forms, formats, structures, and features of texts enhance and shape meaning and impact.

3. Think critically, creatively, and reflectively to explore ideas within, between, and beyond texts.