Eminent is over. The Night of the Notables was a success. All the hard work put in by the 10s, the 9s, and the teachers paid off. The speeches were absolutely amazing, each one conveying a message to all who were listening. The learning centres were incredible, and the interactions between the students and the visitors were delightful.

My first goal was to learn more about why David Attenborough does what he does. David Attenborough always fascinated me, and I wanted to learn about why he became a broadcaster, an environmentalist, a journalist, and a narrator. My second goal was to learn about how he became what he is today. What was his journey? What struggles did he face? What did he have to overcome?

I feel that I met my first goal. By reading books that he wrote, watching his documentaries, and watching his interviews, I have come to understand why David Attenborough has entered this career. David Attenborough loves nature. He wants to educate the world about the natural world. He also wants to make sure that the younger generation knows that nature is all around us, and that if you look for it, then you can find it.

I also feel that I met my second goal. His autobiographical books helped my research about his path and his struggles. I based my speech off of this goal, and by writing that speech, I feel that I have met this goal.

Lots of time and effort went into the Night of the Notables. From the teachers, to the other TALONS, and to everyone else who helped. But I don’t think I’ll remember the night for the work that we all put in to make it happen. I’ll remember walking onto the stage and performing the greatest speech of my life. I won’t remember the stress of practicing the performance, nor the tension right before walking on stage, but the feeling when under the bright lights.

I would like to thank Ms. Mulder, Mr. Salisbury, and Mr. Morris for putting in countless hours to made the Night of the Notables a success. I would also like to thank the TALONS 9s and 10s for planning the night. I would also like to thank the people who made my learning center possible, as well as all those who edited my speech. Finally, I would like to thank Ms. Walstrom for providing valuable advice for our speeches.