Learning centers are a crucial part of every Night of the Notables. They allow visitors to interact with an eminent person in a setting that displays that person’s eminence. My learning center contained three main artifacts that portrayed Sir David Attenborough’s eminence.


1. The Life of Mammals

The Life of Mammals is a book written by Sir David Attenborough. It is one of his many books about the natural world, and it serves as a prime example of how his narrating voice can be translated to the book format. The passionate nature of his writing not only educates, but also captivates the reader, and when reading it, you can hear Attenborough’s voice behind every word.


2. Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II is one of Attenborough’s most recent documentary series. Using the latest camera technology, Attenborough gave the world a glimpse into the lives of many of the creatures that inhabit the world all around us. Attenborough worked hard throughout all the 2089 days of filming to make this documentary exactly the way he wanted it to be. The result was an astounding showcase of the animals all around us.


3. Attenborough’s VHS

Sir David Attenborough’s VHS is an interesting artifact. Attenborough uses the VHS to watch back the footage of his documentaries before he adds audio. I think his use of the VHS instead of modern technology can tell us a lot about him. He values the usefulness of it, even though it is outdated.