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Month December 2017

ZIP Document of Learning 2

I began the focus block of Friday, December 15, by finishing my reading of A Game of Thrones. Upon my completion of the book, I reread the first chapter, and wrote down a summary of the major events that occured…. Continue Reading →

360 Degrees of Leadership

The Influence Myth, when I get to the top, then I will learn how to lead, is just a myth for many reasons. Primarily, it assumes that one can make it to the top without knowing how to lead. It also… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 1

In these first few days of my ZIP project I have come up with a few ideas for additional questions that I would like to explore throughout the project. The most important one concerns characters and character development. Characters are… Continue Reading →

ZIP Project Proposal

Inquiry Question: How does adapting a narrative for television change its meaning? Throughout the ZIP project, I will explore the changes in meaning between the book: A Game of Thrones, and Season 1 of the TV series, Game of Thrones. I… Continue Reading →

Eminent Biblography

BBC Planet Earth II This is the official website of BBC’s Planet Earth II. I used this source for information about one of Sir David Attenborough’s most recent documentaries. The many clips about the production of Planet Earth II… Continue Reading →

Eminent Final Post

Eminent is over. The Night of the Notables was a success. All the hard work put in by the 10s, the 9s, and the teachers paid off. The speeches were absolutely amazing, each one conveying a message to all who… Continue Reading →

Eminent Document of Learning

Learning centers are a crucial part of every Night of the Notables. They allow visitors to interact with an eminent person in a setting that displays that person’s eminence. My learning center contained three main artifacts that portrayed Sir David… Continue Reading →

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