David Attenborough has had a long and productive life and continues to work hard to promote the conservation of species and the spreading of scientific knowledge. It was hard to find a specific moment of his illustrious career to write my speech about, but I managed to isolate one of the defining moments of Attenborough’s career to write my speech about.

Exposition: As a young child, I am obsessed with biology. I am curious about the flora and fauna of the natural world.

Conflict: At ten years old, I attend a talk by Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney). Grey Owl speaks about concepts that are new to the world, such as the human impact on nature. I am inspired to share my knowledge and passion for the natural world by Grey Owl.

Rising Action: After studying Geology and Zoology, I apply for a job at BBC Radio. Despite my exceptional CV, I am rejected from the job and assume that my dreams of educating the world are lost.

Climax: Mary Adams, head of the Talks department at BBC, noticing my excellent CV, offers me a job as a producer in her fast-growing department. I instantly accept this offer. My dreams of educating the world may finally be realized.

Falling Action: As part of the BBC, my career is free to grow in ways I never thought possible. I can influence the world through documentaries.

Resolution: Over my years working with the BBC, I have educated the world through my many documentaries. I have achieved my dream of educating the world about the flora and fauna that is all around them.