“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”

-Sir David Attenborough

As a young child, I was fascinated by nature. The countless ways for animals to live in every biome on earth fascinated me. It is at this time when I was first introduced to Sir David Attenborough. His voice astounded me, perfectly reflecting back my feelings of wonder and curiosity, while also portraying seemingly infinite knowledge of his subject matter. His incredible passion for nature that still inspires me today is portrayed in all of his many documentaries.

Sir David Attenborough is best known as the writer and narrator of many documentary series, including Life, Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet. His documentaries have not gone unnoticed by his home country, England, where they consider him a National Treasure. He has been knighted for his work in entertainment and conservation. When not educating the world about wildlife, Attenborough takes part in raising awareness for climate change prevention. Attenborough’s newest documentary series, Blue Planet II, will detail many of the problems that climate change has caused for species around the world.

Sir David Attenborough and I are similar in many ways. Our passions for science and knowledge about the world around us our two of our most prominent qualities. Our cultural backgrounds are both English, and we both have close family members who are teachers, and who have inspired us throughout our entire lives. The biggest difference between Attenborough and I is our ages; David Attenborough was born 76 years before me, and so grew up in a very different time than I did. For me to connect with him, I will have to connect with the time period in which he grew up.

I chose Sir David Attenborough as my eminent person for many reasons. The wonder that he inspired in me as a child remains with me today. The strong links between Attenborough and I, both culturally and economically, and the similarities in our interests were more factors in my decision. As a cultural icon, Attenborough is recognizable around the world, and learning about him throughout the eminent person project will be as enjoyable as it is educational.