In Stuart McLean’s short story, Emil, Emil is portrayed as a homeless man. At the beginning of the story, he seems very different from Dave and Morley. The story is about Dave and Morley coming to realize that Emil is not as different from them as they thought. From her experiences with Emil, Morley realizes that people who seem very different, may actually be very similar. Many of the events in the story directly related Emil with Dave and Morley. The primary example of this occurs when Dave is arguing with Morley. “If [Emil] gets money,” he says, “he buys cigarettes and lottery tickets. And I’m sure he loses the lottery tickets.”(114) Later, in the same conversation, Dave realizes that he had lost his own lottery ticket. Somehow, Dave doesn’t relate this back to Emil. Dave assuming that Emil loses his lottery tickets seems like a way to dehumanize Emil. Dave wishes to be as little like Emil as possible, and is blind to the fact that many of the things Dave despises the most about Emil are the same things that Dave does. This shows that Emil is much more similar to Dave and Morley than they originally thought.