Sophie is walking home from school with her friend, Joanna, who asks Sophie to go camping. Sophie reluctantly says yes, and a few hours later they set off for the campground. Sophie realizes they are near a cabin she had broken into earlier. When they arrive at the cabin Joanna directly asks, “Have you been here before.” (139) Sophie is conflicted between wanting to keep her secret but also protecting the postcards. Sophie just shakes her head. This shows that Sophie is willing to deceive her friend to get what she wants, which is really to get into the house. Sophie insists they sneak inside and look around. When Joanna finds a box of postcards, Sophie becomes very protective. “Don’t touch them! Do you hear—don’t you dare touch them.” (141) Her outburst is a mark of her internal conflict. Joanna doesn’t react strongly when she finds out Sophie had been in the house before. Sophie had been worried that Joanna would be mad at her, but there was no need to be worried. I thought that Sophie’s character would develop more after this incident, sharing more secrets, and being less anxious, but instead, she continues throughout the rest of the chapters with the same attitude towards keeping secrets. Many of the things that Sophie did in this scene I wouldn’t do, such as going to the cabin in the first place. I am not a risk-taker so I don’t think that I would have taken this risk. Also, I think I would have told my friend that I had been there before. That would be important for them to know, and I don’t think it would change their mind about what they would do. The social responsibility this paragraph represents is Building Relationships. This is a huge stage in Sophie’s relationship with Joanna, and also Alberto, who is likely the resident of the house. Her quest to find more out about Alberto leads her to have an even stronger relationship with Joanna.