In-Depth night is only a few weeks away, and I am so excited. Over the last few weeks I have started planning for my next 2 videos. They are going to teach prime numbers and prime factorization. Hopefully they will both be finished by the time I present my In-Depth project. I have also been teaching my students about old concepts, such as place value, and new advanced concepts, such as infinities. Finally, in my mentor meetings, I have been discussing new video and teaching topics.


One of the most important concepts that I have discussed in my most recent sessions with my mentor is that enthusiasm in teaching is very important. Learning skills such as the ability to teach younger children requires enthusiasm. The most interesting concept that we discussed was that being slightly unpredictable can really help people learn. This can be applied to speaking (using humour) and writing (using different colours).


Some of the alternatives that my mentor has offered have been about teaching style and video topics. When I asked my mentor how best to teach my students, she told me to be as engaging as possible, and to be working with them. A mentor from a different background may have offered the alternative of writing on a board in front of my students. When I realized that my first video topic wasn’t working very well, I asked my mentor for suggestions on types of concepts that are good for videos. My mentor said that concepts that are difficult to visualize are great for videos. Another mentor may have said something completely different.


My In-Depth project is going well and I am excited for our presentations.