In this long period of time between blog posts, I have finally finished my video. It is almost 5 minutes long, and is supposed to teach understanding of fractions and their relation with decimals and percentages. If you have siblings and/or friends that are learning about fractions, or you want to develop a deeper understanding of fractions, check out my video.

(Video will be here when uploaded)

In the last few weeks, I have only taught one concept, though it was mildly complicated. I taught my students the intricacies of Pascal’s Triangle. Some of the major concepts that I taught them were the Combinatorics applications of Pascal’s Triangle (the Choose Function), the relation between the row number and powers of 2, the similarities between the Mod 2 Pascal’s Triangle and the Sierpinski Triangle, the coefficients of the Binomial Expansion (x+y)n and their relation to Pascal’s Triangle, and finally, the Mod 2 Pascal’s Triangle binary relation between rows. I taught all of this in 40 minutes.

The part of conversation I recorded with my mentor went like this:

Me: My video is almost done, but this is the first 2 minutes of it.

Mentor: Ok

(We watch the first 10 seconds of the video)

Mentor: I liked how well you timed your voice to the video, and the colour in that part.

(We watch the rest of the video)

Me: So, what do you think?

Mentor: I really like the small amount of humor. A little humour goes a long way and I think you nailed it. Also, it really helps when a peer is explaining the concept to other peers. One of the most important things about these videos is that you try to stay away from the fast-paced entertainment of youtube videos, and you really nailed the balance between that, and having a slow, boring, video.

Me: I do have less than half of the video done. I am aiming for 2 to 3 more minutes

Mentor: That will be a good amount of time to teach understanding of the concept.


The white hat was mentioned when I discussed the length of the video and the amount of video I have left to create. The process of creating a video is very opinion based. The red hat was mentioned in all of the discussions about the qualities of the video. When my mentor mentioned her opinions on my video, including the comparisons and the pros and cons, those were all examples of the red hat. In this discussion, the black hat ties in well with the red hat. When my mentor and I judged the video and it’s pros and cons, we were using the black hat. The yellow hat was being used when we were being optimistic and discussing future uses for the video. The green hat wasn’t used in our conversation but was used a lot in the planning process. In the setup for the conversation (watching the video) we used the blue hat to set up the other hats.
I am starting work on my next video and am excited for the final few months of the in-depth project.