The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least, and I have learned a lot about a wide variety of different topics, such as teaching, videomaking, timelapsing, and lighting. I have been working a lot on the two main parts of my in-depth project, but I have almost nothing to show for it.

The first part of my in-depth project are the videos. Over the last 3 weeks I have been trying to make a video. My idea was to have my camera taking a time lapse of a whiteboard. I would draw on the whiteboard while talking about the topic of the video. This seemed like a great idea, but there were many problems with it. The lighting has to be very good for videos like this, and the lights in my house don’t work well with the whiteboard. I am able to use outside light to light up the whiteboard perfectly. The light is only bright enough from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, meaning that I am not able to work on them much during the week. On the weekends however, I am able to record a lot more. Because it is so difficult to make a video, I have decided to cut my target number of videos down from 5 to 3. This change will allow me to better explore the second part of my project, teaching. I originally didn’t have major plans for teaching. My plan was to have around 3 teaching sessions. The first would have me teach a medium level concept, the second would have me teach a simple concept, and the third would have me teach a complex concept. Instead, I have decided to do at least 10 30-minute teaching sessions teaching concepts with varying levels of difficulty. I will be assessing myself after each teaching session and discussing the results of each session with my mentor. This will hopefully make up for the videos that I will not be creating.

My most recent meeting with my mentor went very well. We discussed the types of video that I am creating. My mentor had a few tips for me such as adding humour and colour to my videos. When I we discussed the teaching sessions that I was having, my mentor told me that I should focus on the basics of what I am teaching. I made a connection back to my volunteer job as a baseball trainer person. By focusing on the fundamentals, you gain a deep understanding of whatever you are doing. That understanding makes it much easier to learn everything to do with that concept. Another topic that came up in the meeting was that I was struggling to hold the attention of my learners. After my mentor gave me some tips for keeping students engaged, I asked her, “what if your students are young and have a short attention span?” My mentor’s response was to incorporate movement into my lesson. This will be very helpful in my next lesson when I will teach probability. When my mentor mentioned that I should incorporate humour into my video, I realized that I could adapt that idea to fractions. Instead of using a pizza or a pie chart, I can use almost anything to illustrate the concept that fractions are parts of a whole.
Overall, my in-depth project is going well so far and I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks of videomaking, teaching, and meeting with my mentor.