These last few weeks have been hectic. I have been very busy with final projects and tests. I did, however, manage to have a very insightful meeting with my mentor. This first meeting was about the difference between understanding and knowledge. The majority of what my mentor told me confirmed my pre-study beliefs. I already knew that it takes more effort to learn and teach understanding. I also already knew that you need some knowledge to obtain understanding. The more interesting concepts to learn, were the ones that only a teacher could teach. I learned about how movement and competition can help promote understanding of mathematical concepts. Although I did agree with the majority of the points that my mentor made, I did disagree with my mentor on a few points. Some of our disagreements were about the style educational videos that are the most effective. My mentor found that slow educational videos with a lot of repetition, like Khan Academy videos, are the best for teaching understanding of a concept. I find that fact-paced educational videos, like the ones made by CGP Grey, are the best for my learning. After a brief discussion, we realized that both types of videos can teach understanding to different people. I have been working on the script for my first video that should be up by Monday. I am also going to teach some simple and complex math concepts to test my teaching skills. So far, this has been a very successful study, and I am looking forward to my next meeting.