March 5, 1781

I just had the greatest idea. I should create a diary so in the future I can show people how kind and helpful I was to everyone I met. After reading this, anyone with common sense will realize that the will of the people was the center of my attention. I guess this might be a bit late to start writing a diary, but I can use this first page to catch up on my life.

My name is Thomas Paine, and right from the start, I had had the people’s best interest at heart. In 1766, I wrote the bestselling pamphlet in American history, encouraging democracy and free will, and I helped start the American Revolution. For my troubles, the new American government. Made me the Secretary of the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs. It was such an honour that a British writer like me could be a part of a reasonable democratic government like this one. I soon found out that the government was going against the will of the people. In 1779 the government sent a secret mission to France to try to get funds for the American Revolution. Even though I love the revolution, I told them that this was undemocratic and that they were going against the will of the people. I was kicked out of the committee less than a year later.

Now I have a new mission. Earlier this year, Ben and I joined Laurens on his trip to France to get more funds for the American Revolution. This time we are following the will of the people, not going behind their backs in secrecy. France is constantly at war with Britain. Hopefully, the king of France will realize that by helping us, he will weaken the British Empire. I hope that he doesn’t realize that by helping us, he will encourage a rebellion in his own country. As an anti monarchist, I don’t really love kings. Ben will be talking to the king while I tour some villages. After the American Revolution is over, I think I will come here and help the French on their way to freedom. Laurens agrees with me. If he comes out of the American Revolution alive he will help me free the people of France from the oppression of the monarchs.

I’m out of room on this page. Hopefully I remember to write in here again.