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Hamilton is like a parasite. On a seemingly normal day in room 111, the parasite crawled out of Mr. Jackson’s mouth, slithered along the floor, snuck up behind us, then jumped into our ears and crawled into our brains. There, it bred and produced more parasites. We spread the those to our friends, our family, and other random people, through excited conversations and rants. They infested more people, and the Hamilton parasite grew. The theme statements from Hamilton resonate with all of us that have the parasite in our heads.

Sorry for the disturbing imagery. Are you ready to see something more disturbing, it’s called “Carter’s Mind Map.”



That was just my first draft. This is my colour coded version.


I also have an analytic version for people like me who like raw data.


So. Let’s talk about the mind map. First I’ll explain the colours, then I’ll explain the connections
Dying is easy, living is harder (1):

This is the Hamiltalons theme statement that chose for this project. This theme statement really resonated with me for two reasons. I have a strong belief that it is harder to fight through what is holding you back, than to relax and accept the outcome. I have had 2 close family members die in my life, both at a younger age. I don’t know what dying feels like, but living with the pain of a family member dying is really terrible.

Red (1.a.):

This quote is an Adage (1.a.). An adage is a proverb expressing general truth (1.a.i.). My question is: Is “dying is easy, living is harder” a general truth (1.a.i.1.)? Some think that it is true (1.a.i.1.a.), and some people think that it isn’t true (1.a.i.1.a.).

Dark Green (1.b.):

This theme makes people feel emotions (1.b.). The primary emotions felt by people when they hear this quote are Empowered (1.b.i), Depressed (1.b.ii), and in Denial (1.b.iii.).

Orange (1.c.):

This is a small branch to show the usage (1.c.) of this theme in Hamilton. It was used to manipulate Alexander Hamilton (1.c.i.), specifically to shut down his attempts at fighting (1.c.i.1.) and becoming a commander.

Brown (1.d.):

This is another small branch about some of the attributes of the quote (1.d.). The quote is motivational (1.d.i.), and could totally be used to inspire people such as soldiers (1.d.ii.) or Hamilton.

Blue (1.e.):

This branch is kind of depressing. It is about dying (1.f.). The point of view this quote has of dying, is that it’s easier than living. I think that it is implying that when you die, people have to live with the pain of your death (1.e.i.), but you don’t feel anything because you are dead (1.e.ii.).

Purple (1.f)

This branch is about George Washington (1.f.). George Washington said a lot of quotes (1.f.i.), but he didn’t say this quote in real life (1.f.i.a.).

Light Green (1.g.)

This theme/quote has a lot of adaptations (1.g.). In real life (1.g.i.), the quote “dying is easy, comedy is hard (1.g.i.1.),” was said by a comedian on his death bed. This quote is even more somber, but also joking a the same time. It is somberly joking (1.g.i.1.a.). In Hamilton, the quote is adapted once. George Washington says, “Winning is easy, governing’s harder (1.g.ii.1.).


Now I’ll explain all of the connections.
Empowering (1.b.i.) to Some believed it (1.a.i.1.a.)

The people that this quote empowered, believed in it.

Depressing (1.b.ii.) and Denial (1.b.iii.) to Some didn’t believe it (1.a.i.1.a.)

People that are depressed or in denial about this quote generally choose not to believe it.

Usage (1.c.) to Emotions (1.b) and Empowering (1.b.i.)

This quote can be used to change people’s emotions and empower them.

The Quote (1.d.) to Adage (1.a.)

This quote is an adage.

Motivational (1.d.i.) to Empowering (1.b.i.)

This motivational quote empowered people.

Inspired Soldiers (1.d.ii.) to Some believed it (1.a.i.1.a.)

As a soldier, this you quote would inspire you and make you believe that it was true.

[Washington] said lots of quotes (1.f.i.) to Adage (1.a.)

George Washington said lots of quotes, some of which are adages.

Somberly Joking (1.g.i.1.a.) to Emotions (1.b.)

Somberly joking changes your emotions.

Winning was easy, governing’s harder (1.g.ii.1.) to George Washington (1.f.) and Manipulating Hamilton (1.c.i.)

George Washington used the quote “winning was easy, governing’s harder,” to manipulate Hamilton and change Hamilton’s perspective.

That is it for my Hamitalons Mind Maps. See ya later folks.