Night of the Notables has happened, and with this post I am saying goodbye to the Eminent Person study. I have been in TALONS for two and a half months now. Eminent has taken up almost 60% of my TALONS life. And I still remember the day that it all started…

Tuesday, October 4th. It seemed like a normal Social Studies class. We walked into the room and sat down on our preferred couch. We were having a discussion for the first 20 or so minutes of the class. Ms. Mulder had mentioned something about Eminent earlier that day. When Lucas asked Mr. Jackson about Eminent, Mr. Jackson said that we were going to have a discussion on Thursday. Then someone else asked another question about Eminent. One question led to another and we were at the end of the day and all we had talked about was Eminent. Mr. Jackson didn’t give us the actual worksheet until two days later, but October 4th was when it all started.

Firstly, I had to choose a person. A name jumped straight to my mind. Pete Rose. He is similar to me in many ways, but was he really eminent? I thought that he was eminent enough and so I decided to choose him. I started my research right away. I knew that books wouldn’t really help me. Even the books that I got at the Vancouver Public Library didn’t help. None of Pete’s eight autobiographies would help me, nor would the many other books written about him. I used the internet for my research for my first blog post.

Then I started working towards getting an interview. I wanted to find someone that knew a lot about Pete Rose. Luckily, my dad knew just the guy. I connected with him, and we met up at Boston Pizza. I asked him my 10 interview questions. After that, we just talked. We talked about Pete Rose and baseball and the state of the Hall of Fame. I left with more knowledge than any website or book could give me. I now had an opinion. I could use this opinion to create a speech.

The next thing that I worked on was my speech. One of my biggest goals on this assignment was to do a god job on the speech. I worked on my speech for a long time, practicing and practicing. I tried to convey my opinion as well as I could, while also showing the other side of the story in an unbiased way. After I accomplished my speech goal, I could move on to planning my learning center.

Planning my learning center was difficult because I did not have any past experiences with learning centers. I originally intended to do a trifold poster board and have my computer showing an animation. The animation never really worked out and I ended up just using a trifold. I found that it was more important to talk to people then to show people things or use props. The only way I could really get my message across was to hear people’s opinions and questions and address them.

I definitely achieved the majority of my goals for this project. I learned enough about my eminent person to have more than 15 conversations about him. I will definitely remember how different peoples opinions were on Pete Rose before talking to me and after. Next year I will try to choose another person that I can change peoples opinions about.

Overall I think the night went really well and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s Night of the Notables and Eminent Person Project.