Now that the Eminent Speeches and Learning Centers are done, I have time to focus on the final two blog posts: The                   Annotated Biblography, and The Night of the Notables Assessment. This is the Annotated Biblography.


Wikipedia – Pete Rose

This is where I started my research. I didn’t actually use anything that I found here for any of my information. I used the footnotes at the bottom for more research and other sources.

MLB – Pete Rose

I used this site to find statistics and information on Pete Rose. I could study his performance throughout his career to see which seasons that he did well. I could also see the majority of his statistics, as well as his awards and achievements.

Baseball Reference

This was by far the most helpful site that I used. It showed me an even more complete version of Pete Rose’s stats. I could also find boxscores of every game in the past 50 years including play-by-play and other info.

The Dowd Report

This is the report by lawyer John M. Dowd that was prepared for the Commissioner of Baseball. This proved that Pete Rose bet on Baseball.

Youtube Video of Pete Rose’s World Series Hit

This is a youtube video of Pete Rose’s game-tying hit in the 1975 World Series. This was officially created by and therefore is actual game footage and not fake.

Youtube Video of Hit 4192

This is the video of Pete Rose’s 4192nd hit. I used this to verify the pitcher and position of his hit. It is not an official video so I didn’t base any statistics on it.