Library Trip

Wow. I have never been on a trip like that. Right when we got on the Skytrain I was away. For the first time in a while, I wasn’t worrying about homework or problems. The Skytrain trip was shorter than I thought it would be. And then they were there. Downtown Vancouver. The first thing I realized was that I hadn’t walked around Vancouver for 4 years. The second thing was that it was way more welcoming than Seattle. When I went to Seattle earlier this year, I got this creepy vibe from some alleys and some street corners. I didn’t feel that at all in Vancouver.

MacLeod's BookstoreI went to the bookstore first. I hadn’t done any research and I didn’t know anything about the bookstore. I thought that the library was going to be more fun than the bookstore. It was the exact opposite. The bookstore had more books than I had even seen in my life. I realized pretty quickly that they didn’t have any books about my eminent person, Pete Rose. I searched through the fiction books, looking for something that intrigued me. I didn’t find anything that I liked, so I went to find some non-fiction books. I joined a group of people huddled in a corner and read for about 30 minutes. By then it was time to go. Then we left and slowly walked towards the Library.

Vancouver Public Library We couldn’t see the Vancouver Public Library until we came around a corner. There it was. It was massive. I had only been there once before. We went in and found seats just outside the library building. It took about five minutes for the last few people to trickle out of the library. We then ordered food. I got a surprisingly large slice of pizza and a drink for only $4.20. After lunch, we went inside the library. It was very large. It was hard to find my book because it had the same call number as other books that were in a different section on the same floor. After I found it, I helped people find their books. My library card didn’t work so I had to get a new one. We left just after I signed out my books. We walked to the Skytrain station and hopped on. The ride back was a lot longer than the ride there. Once we were back, we left the Skytrain station. It was an experience that I won’t forget for a while. I will remember this trip when I think back to my early days of TALONS.