Can one man who played 30 years ago really change how sports punishments are handed out today? Every conversation about punishment in sports should center around one name. Pete Rose. He played baseball for 24 years and made 17 All-Star teams. After his career, he was banned for life and is not in the hall of fame. I chose him because he will be remembered in 100 years both for what he did well and for what he did wrong.

Like me, he grew up on the suburbs of a medium-sized city. Unlike me, he was in religious orders and societies. He also failed a grade of school, something I don’t plan on doing. For my interviews, I want to find people with strong opinions on Pete Rose and hear their arguments for or against him. By combining multiple points of view, I hope to create an unbiased, accurate decision about him.

I think that Pete Rose is a very interesting person and I am excited to study him and his life.