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In-Depth Intro Post

Statistics are an important part of all our lives. From controlling traffic lights to decrease the number of car crashes, to calculating payment for employees, statistics are used constantly in our lives. With the increasing use of technology, more statistics… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 3

Research Notes Chapters 1-10 I have developed these research notes after reading A Game of Thrones and watching Game of Thrones. They compare chapters in the book to scenes in the tv show with a short summary of each…. Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 2

I began the focus block of Friday, December 15, by finishing my reading of A Game of Thrones. Upon my completion of the book, I reread the first chapter, and wrote down a summary of the major events that occured…. Continue Reading →

360 Degrees of Leadership

The Influence Myth, when I get to the top, then I will learn how to lead, is just a myth for many reasons. Primarily, it assumes that one can make it to the top without knowing how to lead. It also… Continue Reading →

ZIP Document of Learning 1

In these first few days of my ZIP project I have come up with a few ideas for additional questions that I would like to explore throughout the project. The most important one concerns characters and character development. Characters are… Continue Reading →

ZIP Project Proposal

Inquiry Question: How does adapting a narrative for television change its meaning? Throughout the ZIP project, I will explore the changes in meaning between the book: A Game of Thrones, and Season 1 of the TV series, Game of Thrones. I… Continue Reading →

Eminent Biblography

BBC Planet Earth II This is the official website of BBC’s Planet Earth II. I used this source for information about one of Sir David Attenborough’s most recent documentaries. The many clips about the production of Planet Earth II… Continue Reading →

Eminent Final Post

Eminent is over. The Night of the Notables was a success. All the hard work put in by the 10s, the 9s, and the teachers paid off. The speeches were absolutely amazing, each one conveying a message to all who… Continue Reading →

Eminent Document of Learning

Learning centers are a crucial part of every Night of the Notables. They allow visitors to interact with an eminent person in a setting that displays that person’s eminence. My learning center contained three main artifacts that portrayed Sir David… Continue Reading →

3 Wise Nugs

1. “People skills” are important in almost every field. 2. Statistics are used in everything. 3. Many jobs continue to change drastically with improvements to computers.

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