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John A. Macdonald: No Relation to Ronald – Mini Essay

In many places across Canada, statues of our nation’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, are in jeopardy. Macdonald was the driving force that lead to Canadian independence. However, because some of his actions, such as the creation of the… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 11

As a professor at SFU, my mentor can expose me to many learning opportunities. My mentor has access to programs, resources, strategies, and references. In my past few mentor meetings, my mentor has provided me with new methods and strategies… Continue Reading →

Canada: The Story of Us DOL

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was one of the most important battles of the Seven Years’ War. The Decisive Victory for the British gave them control of a key strategic stronghold, Quebec City, while also reducing the number… Continue Reading →

SS Document of Learning 1

The deaths of Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine and the ensuing trials and verdicts have affected each of the quadrants of Canadian identity. Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine, two young Indigenous Canadians, had both been found dead in separate incidents…. Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 7

In my past few mentor meetings, the most difficult challenge has been keeping conversations continuous and flowing. Our meetings have been slower-paced than I had originally hoped. This slower pace leads to less efficient meetings. A possible reason for these… Continue Reading →

Social Studies Post 2

Inquiry Question What is the story of Sports: The Complete Visual Reference? Source This source is a reference book about sports, written and produced by Québec Amérique International in Montreal, Quebec. It was published in 2000 by Firefly Books. Context… Continue Reading →

Social Studies Post 1

Focusing our socials studies class on historical perspective, and the question, “How can we better understand the people of the past?” will ensure challenging, varied, and interesting classes. Understanding people of the past is a complicated process, involving a lot… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 5

In my meeting, my mentor and I had very effective communication with each other. Our conversations flowed very well and our discussion lasted much longer than previously planned. The amount of experience he was able to pass on to me… Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Chapter Summaries

For my ZIP project, I analyzed the book, A Game of Thrones, and season 1 of the TV show, Game of Thrones. As part of this process I summarized each chapter in the book and compared my summary to the scenes… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week 3

My mentor has been very busy with work over the past few weeks. And, as such, we could not coordinate a full meeting between us. However, I did manage to connect with him for a short period of time and he… Continue Reading →

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