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3 Wise Nugs

1. “People skills” are important in almost every field. 2. Statistics are used in everything. 3. Many jobs continue to change drastically with improvements to computers.

Eminent Speech Layout

David Attenborough has had a long and productive life and continues to work hard to promote the conservation of species and the spreading of scientific knowledge. It was hard to find a specific moment of his illustrious career to write… Continue Reading →

Eminent Intro Post – Sir David Attenborough

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.” -Sir David Attenborough As a young child, I was fascinated by nature. The countless ways for animals to… Continue Reading →

Harrison Bergeron (Week 2)

Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, Harrison Bergeron, portrays an interesting future, in which “everybody [is] finally equal” (1). This same story is portrayed in the film, 2081. I believe that the book portrays the story in a better way than the… Continue Reading →

Emil, Single Stories, The Metaphor, and Racism (Week 1)

Emil, Single Stories, and The Metaphor During our discussions about many different topics, all relating to Single Stories, there are many things that I have “taken away.” The most important of those is that the world is full of so… Continue Reading →

Emil – Blog Response #1

In Stuart McLean’s short story, Emil, Emil is portrayed as a homeless man. At the beginning of the story, he seems very different from Dave and Morley. The story is about Dave and Morley coming to realize that Emil is… Continue Reading →

Sophie’s World Book Review

Sophie is walking home from school with her friend, Joanna, who asks Sophie to go camping. Sophie reluctantly says yes, and a few hours later they set off for the campground. Sophie realizes they are near a cabin she had… Continue Reading →

English Descriptive Writing Practice

As the vicious monster tore up the pillows, I turned to my right and saw the shredded sheets lying in shambles. The seemingly cute fluffball had lured me in with its affection just to rip my heart like the curtains… Continue Reading →

Science TED Talk

Hey TALONS, This is my Science TED Talk Bibliography: “The Chemical Toxicity of Uranium.” The Chemical Toxicity of Uranium (n.d.): n. pag. World Health Organization. Web. 19 June 2017. <>. Fox-Skelly, Jasmin. “Earth – Tardigrades Return from the Dead.” BBC…. Continue Reading →

Reducing My Ecological Footprint

Comparisons At the start of this project, I filled out the Ecological Footprint Calculator worksheet that determined my Ecological Footprint. The ecological footprint calculation returned 11.8 global hectares. When comparing my Ecological Footprint to the Ecological Footprint of my peers,… Continue Reading →

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